February 2019


After development and research a local Heat Press enters the market.

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The Infinity heat Press

After research and development, we are proud to announce the revolutionary Infinity Heat Press. The Infinity Heat Press is a brainchild of a local manufacturer that see the lack in the functionality of the popular heat presses available in South Africa.

All of the Heat Presses that was tested was imported and none had the ability to supply the demands of the South African Entrepreneur. The Heat Presses was limited to specific applications and Heat Press owners had to turn away challenging pressing work.

The Infinity Press is 70% locally manufactured and by November 2019 will be 90% locally manufactured. 

Industrial Equipment developed a Heat press that can be adaptable to change platens and elements according to the product that needs pressing.

The Infinity Press range of components will grow every month as new pressing challenges enter the demanding trends of fashion and decoration, and novelty and promotional gift Industries.

The company launched the Infinity J Press and will release the S Press end of May.

The J Infinity Press can accommodate up to a 28x38 flat element where the bigger S Press makes it possible to attach up to a 40x60cm flat element. One of the exciting futures of the Infinity press is the front drawer slide.

The company also released a conversion kit for clients with swing away heat presses to be able to attach the Infinity range platens, elements and accessories. Clients can send their heat press information to BIZinBOX to compare the electrical specifications.

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